The pre-Chapter 4 Fortnite theory about time travel ended up being correct

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One pre-Chapter 4 Fortnite theory ended up being correct.

Fortnite is flooded with rumors, so many that it’s impossible to truly grasp the sheer total that comes out. Most have some validity. Many rumors that don’t end up being true are byproducts of either a late-game change or incomplete information. Many others end up being true, while others were true, just not in the context that the rumor stated.

One rumor that follows the last of those possibilities was about Fortnite featuring the game going back in time, so to speak for Chapter 3, Season 4.

Many data miners and leakers found information that seemed to suggest that Season 4 of Chapter 3 was going to be a “throwback” season, while another leaker suggested that the gamewould be built around time travel. Now, both seemed to suggest this was for Chapter 3, Season 4, so they were wrong there. But they actually weren’t, because Chapter 4, Season 1 is actually what they suggested it would be; a time travel season.

Fortnite Chapter 4 is a throwback to the earliest incarnation of several tropes

The Fortnite Island is an amalgamation of various islands throughout time. The center focus of the island is arguably the Ageless Champion’s citadel which sits near the northwest of the island but is arguably the single biggest structure in the game.

Considering that The Ageless is a younger Geno, one that is still not corrupted by time and experience, and that his group of the Oathbound is a prior version of the Imagined Order, it seems as though the leakers got it right; this is a throwback/time travel season of Fortnite.

They were just wrong about when the game was doing this concept. That’s why it’s wise to not reject rumors out of hand.

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