Is doing a Reality Augments only run even possible in Fortnite?

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Can you even win a Reality Augments-only run in Fortnite?

So the concept of a Reality Augments-only run is a fun idea. Basically, it’s the idea that you only use what you can get from the Reality Augments to win. Is it something that you can even do, however? Actually yes.

It may not be easy, but I did seven runs and won three of them. I did it with escalating levels to this, or tiers if you will. Where I limited myself more and more after each win. You can read more about the limitations by level here, but the basic gist is you handcuff yourself by not picking up weapons and consumables as the game progresses.

With each success, you limit more and more what you can do in the game. It isn’t easy to get wins like this and you have to become a pure stealth player, which isn’t easy. Especially for me, since I usually play like a tank. Lots of health, shockwave sledgehammers, and off we go.

So doing this kind of stuff will really force you to leave your comfort zone and work on other skills.

So how did I do with these self-imposed limitations? Pretty well, actually. So for context, I did all seven in Zero Build, and I played on a Nintendo Switch because I’m a madman.

So I won three of seven games. What happened in those four losses? Pretty much as you expected. I got caught by players who weren’t making their own lives harder and they eliminated me. I made it to the final four in one of the matches. The rest I was eliminated before the final 25.

Now, the ones I won, they’re a lot of fun.

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