The Rift Warden may be a boss character added mid-season into Fortnite

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Will we be able to fight the Rift Warden in Fortnite?

The Rift Warden is becoming a major name that is being discussed among the denizens of the Fortnite island. He’s a mysterious figure who hasn’t been seen or is truly known by anyone on the island. He’s a complete mystery, beyond one simple fact. He’s creating a rift portal at the top of his sanctum for some reason.

There are a lot of reasons why he may be creating this rift portal, but I have a feeling that we’re not getting the whole story. I’m under the impression that The Ageless, the young snapshot of Geno, isn’t the villain of the Chapter.

I believe The Rift Warden is a villain or at least one of them, and he’s working to bring the real Geno to the island. If my theory holds water, the Ageless will battle the Rift Warden after the Rift Warden betrays him, and eventually, the Ageless will face off with Geno.

It’s very likely The Rift Warden becomes a boss in Chapter 4

We’ve had multiple bosses before in a single season of Fortnite. Most recently with The Herald and the Inkquisitor. We’ve also had Darth Vader and The Herald, as well as the Imagined Order bosses, which included Sloan, Huntmaster Sabre, and Gunnar during Chapter 3, Season 2.

So it’s not unheard of for Fortnite to have more than one boss at a time. Especially if its for storyline purposes. Though, I think more than likely we won’t be getting the Rift Warden or the rift portal being completed until the end of Chapter 4, Season 1, as part of the live event.

I would hazard a guess that the Rift Warden will, somehow, supplant The Ageless in Season 2.

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