Ranking 5 of our favorite Fortnite crossover outfits that we own

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What crossover outfits that we own do we consider among our favorites?

Fortnite has given us a lot of great crossovers in recent years. Some start out well and go badly, others are great all the way through and others, even more, are just ok, save for the cosmetics that they produce. We’re looking at those cosmetics, specifically the outfits (skins, costumes, characters what have you) and the ones that enticed us enough to purchase them.

Now, just to limit ourselves, we have a lot of the same franchises’ outfits. Specifically Street Fighter (we own all six so far), and so instead of giving too much weight to one franchise, we’re going to only allow one outfit per franchise.

That way we don’t have to just list our five favorites (insert franchise here) into the list. And of course, the other prereq is that we have to own them.

Our five favorite Fortnite crossover outfits that we own

All Might

From the latest crossover, we have All Might, the symbol of peace. He’s not the only My Hero Academia character in our locker but he’s the only one that has an emote that changes him from his normal, frail look, to his superhero alter-ego. That was the deciding factor.


For Street Fighter it came down to Guile or Ryu, as both designs are great and fit in really well (especially Ryu’s alternate version). Yet, we went with Guile because, well, he goes with everything.

Doom Guy

Doom Guy, Doom Slayer, it really all depends on when you got into the game, but regardless of what you call him, and what color your slayer outfit is, Doom Guy is an obvious pick for anyone’s locker room.


There was no bigger or cooler cop in the 1980s than Robocop, and getting to have him in our locker is a childhood dream come true.

Frankenstein’s Monster

Granted, he’s in the public domain by now, but still, Mary Shelley created the idea of Victor Frankenstein and his murderous monster, and now he’s in Fortnite to help doll out eliminations.

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