Fortnite should do more free outfit giveaways like Chrome Punk

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Fortnite should do an outfit giveaway each season.

Fortnite earned a lot of love from the fanbase when they gave away Chrome Punk by just doing challenges at the end of Chapter 3. Fans everywhere rushed to get him, whether it was just the free players getting in on the goodness to expand their cosmetics locker just a bit more, or whether it was the paid players, who always purchase new outfits.

Everyone loved Chrome Punk and it made the end of the chapter so much more fun. Rewarding players for putting in the time and energy is just good business ethics. Since not everyone can or wants to purchase cosmetics, giving away an outfit like Chrome Punk really sends a message to all players that they matter and that the developers are grateful for them.

That’s why they should do it more often.

Fortnite would do well to have a free cosmetic release every season

Fortnite would be smart to make this type of character giveaway a regular thing. Not only does it reward fans who play the game, but it also gives players more reasons to keep playing. If you know you have to achieve X to get a free cosmetic outfit every season, then you’re going to see more and more players turning up to participate.

Now, Fortnite regularly does offer up outfits for free, but not always for playing the game. Sometimes it’s using a new partner’s service, purchasing a real-world item, or it’s by getting new players to show up.

It’s not always something fans can or want to do. Yet, making an outfit available to everyone, every season, and all they have to do to get it is spend time playing the game and leveling up is something most fans want to do.

It’s a smart business decision.

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