You’re using the Sky Jellies all wrong in Fortnite’s Chapter 4 (use vehicle)

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The new Sky Jellies are great but did you know you’re using them wrong?

Fortnite introduced a new ally in your eternal fight for Victory Royales, and those new buddies are the Sky Jellies. The Sky Jellies are your friends, and they only want to help. Unlike real jellyfish, who just sting you and make your life miserable. No, these Sky Jellies are a lifesaver.

Essentially, if you see a pod of them floating around, you can jump into them for some health and shield rejuvenation, as well as a nice little propulsion of sorts. The extra little kick makes them not only a great source for some last-minute healing but also an extra way to escape gunfire should you find yourself without a vehicle or Shockwave Hammer.

That said, while they’re a great saving grace when you’re in need, the facts are that it’s not exactly the quickest or easiest way to heal yourself. They often separate and migrate away fro one another, and are at different elevations, so it’s not always easy to get your health at max in one fell swoop.

Usually, you need four or five jumps to get the job done. That is, if you don’t use this tip.

There’s a tip for faster healing from the Sky Jellies

Ok, so you’ve taken some damage, and you’re on the run from a player who is hellbent on eliminating you. You’re nearly out of health and stamina but you see a pod floating by.

Once you found a pod of them, now the real task begins. Find a car or a truck. Hopefully, you found the car or truck before hand because once you have the automobile, all you need to do is drive into the Sky Jellies’ pod and you’ll get just about all of them in one fell swoop, which will surely increase your health and shield to near max levels, if not maxed out completely.

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