You can turn your character invisible in Fortnite but it won’t work like you hope.

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There’s a glitch that turns your character invisible in Fortnite.

Oh Fortnite glitches, please never stop being a thing. One of the best parts of exploring the map with every new contest is that you end up getting a chance to encounter something you never encountered before. In this case, we’re talking about glitches.

Usually, they’re not a fun thing in a game, some rocket you into space, others accidentally eliminate you without fail, and sometimes you just get stuck. Yet, sometimes, you get a glitch that is so whacky, so wild, and so unheard of, that you end up getting a really good time out of it.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new glitch that fans discovered that turns you invisible. That’s right, you go straight up John Cena because you can’t see yourself.

How do you turn yourself invisible in Fortnite?

This is really simple. Get a Red Eye Assault rifle and then look for a semi-truck. Hop into the truck’s passenger seat and aim your rifle. Once you’ve aimed the rifle in the semi, get out of the truck and you’ll be completely invisible.

The only thing you’ll see is the item or weapon you’re currently carrying. Pretty awesome right? Well, no, not really. See, you see an invisible character, but that doesn’t mean everyone else does. Having done this trick six times, I can safely say that either 1) everyone else can still see my character even if I can’t, or 2) it’s so blatantly obvious where you are even without being able to be viewed, that it’s pointless to do anyway.

There is no tactical advantage to doing this. It’s cool to see one time but then don’t bother. Also, if you use the Red Eye again to aim, your character will be visible again.

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