Players really aren’t using the snowball mechanic at all

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Have you noticed no one is using the snowball mechanic?

Fortnite added a lot of dynamic stuff to Chapter 4, and honestly, it’s been a really enjoyable season. Minor complaints at best . Yet, we found it odd that one of the more interesting aspects of the new island was the ability to build up a snowball that you could roll down hills and even hide into.

It’s a pretty interesting idea, and one of the more original concepts that Fortnite has ever used. These are the types of things I want more from Fortnite. Things like hiding in a snowball, the Ex-Caliber Rifle, the Shockwave Hammer, and the Unstable Glue Gun. These are the concepts that should dominate the meta in my opinion.

And fans typically love this kind of stuff, yet I have yet to play a game in Fortnite where I’ve seen anyone use the snowball-building mechanic in the winter biome.

Fans just aren’t building the snowballs as Fortnite expected

Now, it’s very possible there are more fans using the mechanic than I’ve seen, but as I write about this as part of my job, and I play enough Fortnite on the side, I’m just not seeing a lot of it being done. Not just in games, I’m playing, either, but in streams, videos or highlights.

Was the concept of a dude? Did fans not like it? It sure seems to be a less-than-popular concept. Maybe if the dev team allowed it to be done outside of the winter biome, and instead of it being snow, it’d be mud or leafs then maybe it’d have more traction as a gimmick to use.

Sadly, I think the concept busted, and due to that Fortnite may not want to bring it back for future Seasons. I fully expect it to be vaulted come Chapter 4, Season 2.

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