Gildhart is making me people regret getting the Battle Pass

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Gildhart is here and he’s fantastic

The new Crew outfit for January has been unveiled and wholly moly, he’s cool. Let us meet Gildhart, the Golden Stag of Vengeance. The entire chapter 4, season 1 theme has been this medieval, knights gimmick and the new crew pass member is exactly what this new season needed.

Crew members who are subscribed currently can get a new character, and add them to their collection. For those curious, the Crew Membership is a $11.99 monthly charge and each month you get a new character from the membership.

Not only that but each membership comes with free access to the Battle Pass. So if you sign up today, you’ll get access to characters like Doom Guy and The Ageless Champion for no extra cost (you just have to unlock them).

So if you’re like me, and bought the Battle Pass just days ago before you knew Gildhart was coming, you have buyer’s remorse. After all, Gildhart is among the best designs going in recent memory.

The Golden Stag of vengeance is Fortnite’s best Crew offering since July

Not since Phaedra dropped in July has Fortnite offered such a dynamic and cool-looking outfit for their Fortnite Crew membership.

Both outfits are unique, they’re timeless and they’re stylish. They also both capture an essence not so often seen in the creations of Fortnite designers. Gildhart’s gold armor and antler crown is mesmerizing. Like something out of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode or comic.

He’s knightly and superheroic looking at the same time. The attention to detail, the color scheme, it all works. If you haven’t bought the Battle Pass yet or have an extra $12 to spare, I would highly recommend getting this month’s Crew offering while you can.

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