Fortnite’s The Oathbound was apparently inspired by a former Epic Games project

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Fortnite has apparently repurposed some of their assists to create The Oathbound.

The folks at Fortnite unveiled a new group during Chapter 4, Season 1 named The Oathbound. The group are the progenitors to the Imagined Order and are ruled by a young snapshot of Geno, dubbed The Ageless Champion. The look of Geno’s armor and the castle he resides in seems pretty unique but apparently, some fans have found similarities between Fortnite’s newest group and a game that Fortnite’s parent company, Epic Games, once made.

Apparently, if you compare the Oathbound to the suits of armor and castles from The Infinity Blade II, you’ll see a lot of similarities. The Ageless’ armor, his castle, and a few other aspects of the Oathbound share a lot of similarities to the point where it may have even been designed by the same artists.

If that happens to be the case, then it’s very likely that we’ll see more former Epic Games creations from mobile come to the game.

If Fortnite brought in aspects of Infinity Blade II, why not others?

Fortnite has done a good job getting elements of Infinity Blade into the game, but what about other concepts like Battle Breakers? Like The Infinity Blade series, Battle Breakers has been removed from the app store and shut down as well, making it just another piece of dead software that will one day be a distant memory.

It’s really hard to keep these mobile games going without proper infrastructure, but some fans will try I’m sure. A better way of remembering the game’s legacy than third-party servers is to bring the elements and designs of the game into Fortnite and merge the two properties.

It’ll help keep the old game alive while adding something new to the game, to help make things a bit fresh.

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