3 Reasons why players don’t use the snowball creation mechanic more

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Why aren’t Fortnite fans using the new snowball meta?

Fortnite fans seem to be uninterested in the new snowball creation mechanic. If you’re in the snowy side of the map, you can use your pickaxe to create a giant snowball that you can not only roll downhill but also hop in and hide from opposing players.

It’s a pretty cool concept but in the dozens and dozens of matches I’ve played already in Chapter 4, Season 1, I find that most people aren’t using the new concept. So that got me thinking; why aren’t players using the new concept? It is a rather cool idea and it’s executed pretty well.

So why aren’t more players building their own snowballs to attack and hide in?

Three reasons why fans may not be using the snowball mechanic

1 It’s too isolated in one region

One of the reasons I think is that it’s only in the snow biome, which makes it an item you often forget about after a while. If it was something that players could use in other regions, it may be more utilized.

2. It’s too limited in its usage

Frankly, there are only two real things you can do with the snowball. The first is to roll it down a hill, and then it’s really useless, or hide in it. Now, that idea isn’t bad but it’s not exactly the best place to hide if you’re in the middle of close-quarters combat. Someone’s gonna Shockwave you and then you’re out of luck.

3. They don’t know about it

One thing I’ve found is that Fortnite doesn’t do a great job of keeping new players up to date on things they don’t know about. There may be a lot of players who are unaware you can even do this, which isn’t uncommon at all.

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