Is there a glitch that will allow you to evade the Ex-Caliber sword sticking to you?

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There’s a glitch in Fortnite that will allow you to get a getaway from the Ex-Caliber sword if you’re quick enough.

The Ex-Caliber rifle is among the more anger-inducing weapons for players in Chapter 4, Season 1 of Fortnite. The weapon does a lot of damage on its own with the initial contact, but then it does double the damage after the sword sticks to you and explodes.

It’s gotten people very upset.  But did you know the weapon has a cheap exit strategy if you’re quick enough? The next time you get stuck with one of the blades, you can escape it. Maybe, depends if the glitch was patched. If you get hit with a blade from the Ex-Caliber rifle, if you emote fast enough, you should be able to detach the sword from you before it explodes.

Why the glitch probably won’t work for you

The glitch is a pretty interesting out in the game if the developers haven’t fixed it by the time this gets posted. The problem is how quickly do you need to hit the emote button to get away from the blade. If you’re playing on a computer, you may be able to hit the mote button quickly enough but if you’re using a controller, you may not be able to hit the emote button fast enough.

Even if with how the controller set up is, there’s not a lot of time between contact and explosion. you’ll have to act quickly.

More than likely you won’t be prepared for it. Most times someone gets hit with the sword, they’re in mid-combat and not really thinking about trying to hit an emote. More than likely you’ll end up getting lucky and emote by accident when you get struck.

So don’t go and start using this glitch as a method for defense.

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