Could the Herald be coming back to Fortnite in Chapter 4?

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The Herald may not be dead after and may come back in Chapter 4.

The Herald was the boss at the end of Chapter 3 and was seemingly a member of the Last Reality and a servant of the Cube Queen. While we never saw The Herald take orders from The Cube Queen, we do know the Last Reality had sent The Herald to the island to get the Zero Point. We know this because the Last Reality’s Mothership was destroyed trying to steal the Zero Point at the end of Chapter 3.

This was a deleted scene, so it may not be canon but it at least was at one point. We know that fellow Last Reality member The Nothing wanted the Zero Point as well and was giving The Herald help in her attempt to obtain it.

We think the Cube Queen is still alive, since we never saw her die during Chapter 2 or 3. We know The Nothing is still kicking around for the same reason and we know the Last Reality hasn’t given up on getting The Zero Point.

So could they somehow free The Herald? After all, she didn’t die either, she became petrified in the Reality Tree and ended up on the Chapter 4 island. You can see her, still in the tree somewhere east of Anvil Square.

If you go to her tree, you can hear her breathing still, though it’s rather disturbing to listen to.

Don’t put too much stock in The Herald coming back, however

Even if Fortnite is building up to the Herald’s return, more than likely they’ll opt not to do it. See, Fortnite recently has had a bad habit of dropping the ball on these reveals or outright canceling them in the first place.

Even if the plan was to bring her back, they’ll likely cut it out from the storyline because that’s just what Fortnite does these days.

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