We created 4 different levels to a Reality Augments only run in Fortnite

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Are you so good at Fortnite that you need unique challenges to make the game more interesting? Try a Reality Augments Only run.

What if I told you that you could play Fortnite a whole new way? Yeah, you could drop in as usual, and build your loadout across several storm circles until you get it just right, or you could crank the intensity to 11.

You can do that simply by only using what you have in your repertoire courtesy of the Reality Augments feature. If you’re lucky, you’ll get everything you need to win the game simply through the Reality Augments.

Now I’ve come up with some levels to this. They’re designed to be more and more difficult across the board, with more and more limitations. This is to test your skills. Trust me when I say this, running and hiding will often be your best course of action.

So what are these levels?

The four Reality Augments levels

Level 1

The first level will allow you to open chests and such for ammo and gold only. You can use any health item you have to break to use, or harvest to use. Everything else has got to come from the Reality Augments. You may also use vehicles. No weapons but what you’re given by Reality Augments.

Level 2

The second level is just like the first, but this time, no vehicles are allowed to be used. Traversal across the map can only come from what the Reality Augments give you. You can still open chests for gold and ammo.

Level 3

No vehicles, no forging, no breaking, you can only heal yourself from what you get from your Reality Augments and no other weapons beyond what you’re given in the Reality Augments. You can still acquire gold and ammo.

Level 4

Pure Reality Augments Only. You can’t pick up anything. No bullets, no gold, no nothing. If it wasn’t from a Reality Augments, you can’t use it.

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