The Foundation’s secret bunker was never going to live up to expectations

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The Foundation’s secret bunker in Chapter 3 will forever be a mystery, a mystery we would never be happy solving.

Fortnite created a giant structure in the center of the east bay in Chapter 3. That structure was a giant-sized monument to The Foundation. For the first half of Chapter 3, it stood over the island, but when the war broke out, it was destroyed and only part of it remained. It still became a favorite point of interest for fans, as you could ride the airwaves up and perch on the statue.

While it was a centerpiece of the island, what fans most cared about was what was underneath it. You see, the Foundation’s monument had a secret bunker that fans never saw the inside of. It was always locked, and it lead many to believe that the inside of the bunker would be revealed in the finale of Chapter 3.

By now, you all know that never happened, and instead, we were left with no answers. That’s pretty typical of Fortnite these days. Hint at something grand and not pay it off. Though, knowing Fortnite, it probably would’ve been bad anyway. At the very least, underwhelming.

Fortnite usually fails to pay off these types of secrets

Fortnite is often run like a mad lib. Everyone starts shouting out sentence ideas, then random words, and then the cycle repeats itself. There’s very little continuity from idea to idea. Even the Chapter 3 Finale had elements that were taken out of it that were supposed to be in it.

So, I have no doubt whatsoever that had the vault been unveiled at some point in Chapter 3, it would’ve been incredibly underwhelming. That’s just what I’ve grown to expect from Fortnite’s ‘big moments’.

A whole lot of “meh”.

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