Fortnite removing the vaults wasn’t a terrible idea

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Fans aren’t happy about the vaults being removed.

Fortnite fans were very excited that the game introduced the concept of vaults for Fortnite’s Chapter 3. The hook was that there were two types of the vault, each accessible only if you had a corresponding amount of keys. One key got you into a low-security vault that had some loot, some health items, and some weapons.

Then there was a vault with two keys, which gave you more gold, more items, better weapons, and the like. The concept was going to be expanded to a third vault, which would have even more content, as well as getting better weapons. It would’ve required three keys and been even harder to find on the map than the other two.

The problem is, that the vault concept was supposed to come during Chapter 3, and since we’re well into Chapter 4 now, we know that the three-key vault isn’t coming. Not only that but we also have no more vaults at all to gain access to. In fact, the only thing the keys are good for currently is opening those locked chests.

Removing the vaults in Fortnite was no big deal

While I agree that it sucks we didn’t get the three-key vaults, the truth is the vaults were always a pain in the butt to deal with. If anyone got there at the same time you were pillaging, you were trapped against an unbreakable wall and wouldn’t be able to escape.

Granted, you could try and fight but backed into a corner like that and with a player getting the drop on you, we all know how that goes.

So while the look was great, the fact is I don’t miss the vaults so I’m not bothered we didn’t get the three-key version.

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