One theory suggests that The Ageless is actually a good guy in Fortnite

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Some fans think that The Ageless may actually be a good guy in Fortnite.

The Ageless is a young snapshot of Geno, the main villain of Fortnite. Geno has been the key bad guy for some time and has been the catalyst for why The Foundation is so hellbent on waging his war against the Imagined Order. With the IO in shambles, and the big boss is nowhere to be seen, the shift of the story has gone from the IO to The Oathbound, the outfit that the younger, snapshotted Geno (The Ageless) runs.

The Oathbound is the progenitor of the Imagined Order, but according to Donald Mustard, the two are not linked in their ideologies. This, plus the people who have joined the Oathbound, have gotten fans speculating that maybe this younger Geno and his group aren’t the villains of the chapter as we were led to believe.

Considering the Ageless is someone associated with light, and the light is related to the Zero-Point, and the Seven, many are questioning whether or not the Ageless is the villain his future self is.

Could The Ageless be someone to face off with Geno?

We’ve seen this idea played out before, where a character’s younger self wages war with his older self, most notably in the latest Bioshock game. So it’s not unheard of that The Ageless may be a kinder, more noble version of Geno.

If that’s the case and the fan theory that the Rift Warden is trying to bring or prevent the real Geno from arriving on the island, the two versions may eventually end up fighting one another.

If that’s the case, that would be an epic moment to see play out during a live event.

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