Fortnite needs to tone down the Marvel crossovers because it’s overwhelming

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Fortnite has brought back the Marvel cosmetics yet again.

Fortnite is going to do what’s best for Fortnite’s bottom line, we get that. But man, it’d be great if we could go a full week without new or old Marvel cosmetics and items being added back to the game. We are beyond franchise fatigue at this point and I don’t know too many people who don’t agree.

People may be purchasing them, simply to keep up with their collections, but I’m rarely seeing any of them actually being used. I do see a few Ghost Riders running around recently and I get that. He’s awesome. But there are so many Marvel cosmetics that are available, that it just isn’t fun anymore to see them.

Yeah, Ghost Rider is cool but man, enough. It feels like it’s twice, or thrice per season we get Marvel back in the store and all I’m asking is to take a break from the Marvel and Star Wars of it all.

In fact, just chill on the Disney stuff for a season or two. Not even a full chapter.

Fortnite has other top properties they’re not using or could debut

When you think about all the science fiction properties, and video game properties they have deals with that they could not only go back to but debut new characters from, it makes no sense why Marvel and other Disney properties get the lion’s share of cosmetic spots.

We want more Resident Evil, new Street Fighter characters, we want Thunder Cats and SWAT Kats and so many other properties. We want old, new, and something in between. What we don’t want, at least for a few months, is anything more to do with Disney.

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