3 things we think should be customizable in Fortnite in 2023

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Fortnite should add some customizable options to the game.

Fortnite fans may not know this, but there was once an option in the works where you could decorate the battle bus to some degree. Now it wouldn’t have been a huge feature, maybe just like the light designs or color on the bus, but this was something that was in the works.

With Creative 2.0 allowing Fortnite fans more creativity than ever before, and a potential new cosmetic coming if and when we get first-person, now is the right time to look back into the concept of customization.

You can already customize certain aspects of the game without spending money, so why not go a bit further? We came up with three ideas that make sense for customization, should Fortnite further go down that road.

Three things that should be customizable in Fortnite

The Bus

I’m not sure how to best pull this one off, but maybe a logo on the balloon portion of the Fortnite bus, or maybe a tag on it that shows everyone this is your perspective of the game? I’m not sure what could be done but I think this would be an interesting challenge.

Personal Icons

When you take over a POI in Chapter 4, flags will appear bearing your character’s icon. This is a neat little addition but the icons they offer are pretty stock. It’d be great to have more variety or the ability to create your own.

Your default character

Just because you don’t have the money or desire to spend on expensive cosmetics, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to tweak the base model as you see fit. Just put the body designs, hair designs, tone designs, and hair designs into a Create-A-Player interface and allow fans to create their own generic stock character to use.

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