Why did Fortnite delete the Mothership’s abduction of the Zero Point during Fracture?

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Fortnite deleted a major plot point from the Fracture event.

The Fracture event sucked. It just did. It didn’t advance the actual story we’ve been seeing play out in the game, nor did it actually give us anything worth doing. It was the perfect cap to the endless list of disappointments that Chapter 3 ended up becoming. It was made even lamer when the game deleted a pivotal cut scene from the event that further explained what was going on during the tail end of the chapter.

In a deleted scene (below), you can see The Herald was working with The Last Reality to some degree, as after the island blows up and The Herald is petrified in the tree, the Last Reality’s mothership can be seen trying to steal the Zero Point, only for the Zero Point to destroy the ship and escape, with three silver orbs in pursuit.

The question that was left in our minds after seeing this unfold was “why”? Why did they delete this? Clearly, this was an unfinished rendering of the cinematic, so the decision to cut out the scene came pretty early, at least before the cutscene was finished entirely.

So someone decided to untether the Last Reality and The Herald from one another, but as of right now there is no clear explanation as to what prompted the change.

Fortnite has an ugly history of not developing its storyline

I won’t go as far as to say that Fortnite outright ignores their storyline but the game has done this kind of thing more than once. Notably by introducing Geno in a comic, and endlessly teasing the return of characters like Midas, while not paying off the concept of The Nothing.

It’s one thing to build a mystery but if fans don’t get satisfying answers (key word; satisfying), they will become disinterested and then you’re really in trouble.

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