The Reality Augments are not overpowered, they’re just another thing to manage

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Some Fortnite fans think the Reality Augments are overpowered but we don’t share that belief.

The Reality Augments have hit Fortnite hard, and not everyone is having a good time with the new mechanics. That’s to be expected, they’re a totally new mechanic that changes Fortnite and how you play the game. That’s not always going to sit well with players. Then again, it’s important to remember that Fortnite was a 3rd person, tower-defense, zombie game when it was created.

Now it’s a massive battle royale game with a creative element to it. Fortnite thrives on evolution and not letting things become stagnant, and the Reality Augments are just another item for them to show how the game can change for the better.

Not all of the Reality Augments are great, and admittedly, some are much better than others. That doesn’t mean they’re overpowered, it just means that players need to find better ways to adjust to the new mechanics.

For instance, dealing with someone who likes the balloon perks? Carry a Cobra DMR and shoot them down from the sky, or, you know, hide.

The Reality Augments are good but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t do with some adjustments

There’s the leaping Reality Augment that allows you to jump higher and further but it’s tied to your stamina bar. The ability to traverse the island quicker is great, but tying that ability to your sprint bar basically makes it so you’re covering the same distance, in the same amount of time.

It’s rather pointless. Some are really great but people rarely get them, like the Armory Reality Augment. Getting two of the best weapons in Fortnite is great but it happens so rarely that players often select it, without even realizing if it fits with their loadout for the game.

Some tweaks should be made, sure but for the most part the Reality Augments are great.

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