The Deku Smash has been removed from Fortnite and may not return

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The Deku Smash has been disabled and it’s not likely to come back.

Fans everywhere have been loving the Deku Smash mythic weapon, as it was an instant elimination if you hit someone. Sure, there were ways to get away from the blast ever so slightly to avoid taking most of it, but usually, you were going to deal out 250 points of damage and get an elimination.

For some reason, none that we’re aware of at the moment, the folks at Fortnite have disabled the Deku Smash entirely, removing it from all aspects of the game. Not only has the game removed the attack but they’ve gotten rid of the All Might-themed crates as well. While they wouldn’t contain the weapon anymore, it still would’ve been nice to see the collab in action, instead of just pretending it didn’t exist anymore.

It now doesn’t even feel like the collaboration with My Hero Academia is ongoing anymore, and with it set to end at the end of the month, fans may not even get a chance to use the mythic again. The folks at Fortnite are on vacation until after the new year, with only a skeleton crew working to keep things functional.

Fortnite will need to make it up to fans for this debacle

If you’re bothered by the fact that Fortnite is constantly screwing up, you’re not alone. From the disaster that was No Sweat Summer, to the complaints about this year’s Fortnitemare Event (though I enjoyed it), fans have not been happy with Fortnite.

The My Hero Academia collab was supposed to fix a lot of that, same with this year’s Winterfest. Winterfest has been fine, but it’s not on the level of what fans had hoped for. The next patch update isn’t expected until 23.30, on Jan. 3, and the last day the My Hero collab is supposed to take place on is Dec. 29.

So it’s likely we’ll never get the Deku mythic again, at least until the next My Hero Academia crossover.

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