Fortnite has unveiled the My Hero Academia crossover characters

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My Hero Academia has finally arrived in Fortnite!

It turns out that it wasn’t that long of a wait after all. After only being in Fortnite Chapter 4 for about two weeks, My Hero Academia has already landed and landed with authority. The anime giant has now unveiled the core lineup for the lineup, which will feature Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, All Might, Katsuki “Lord Explosion Murder” Bakugo, (working hero name), and Ochaco “Uravity” Uraraka.

Uraka was a surprise addition to the lineup, as many thought the fourth character would be either Shota Aizawa (Eraser Head), Shoto Todoroki (“Icey Hot”), or Tomura Shigaraki. Regardless, it was a nice addition to see Uravity in the lineup.

So with the characters being unveiled, what does everyone come with if you purchase them in the Fortnite store?

What comes with the My Hero Academia characters in Fortnite?

Firstly, two characters have an emote that allows you to switch styles mid-battle. First is Midoriya, who has the built-in transformation emote that allows him to go to his Full Cowl style,

Using Midoriya’s built-in transformation Emote, go Full Cowl to switch to his alt Style. He also has the All Might Collectible Bac Bling and the Blackhwhip Axe Pickaxe.

All Might is the other character that comes with a built-in transformation emote, with him going from his normal, scrawny persona, to the larger-than-life heroic look that All Might is known for. He also comes with UA’s principal Nezu as a Back Bling and he rocks the All Smite Pickaxe.

Lord Explosion Murder himself, Bakugo, comes with an alternative style, the Grenade Backpack Back Bling, and the Cluster Buster Pickaxe. While Fortnite itself says he has an alternate style, unlike Midoriya and All Might, he can switch between the two.

Lastly is Ochaco Uraraka, who has the Uravity Booster Back Bling,  as well as the Uravity Smasher Pickaxe.

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