Winterfest is bringing in an old and new outfit for Fortnite fans

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Fortnite fans can now get access to two outfits in the store.

Fortnite is embracing the Winterfest theme wholeheartedly with the release and return of a new outfit, as well as an older but popular outfit. This is in line with past Winterfest customs, and for a few V-Bucks, the returning Cozy Knit Jonesy outfit and the brand-new Snowdancer outfit can be yours.

Get them while you can because they won’t be available for long.

The Cozy Knit Jonesy sees our favorite ex-Imagined Order operative wearing a fancy Christmas sweater, decked out with decorative ornament grenades, slacks, and mittens. He’s the perfect outfit for those among us that enjoy the wintery months.

Snowdancer may have a generic name but her outfit makes her look like a winter-time fairy. The flowing dress is the perfect attire for aspiring ice dancers, and her shoulder cape is a nice touch that adds a flair for the dramatic.

Which outfit between Snowdancer and Cozy Knit Jonesy would we recommend for Fortnite fans?

The outfits are both up in the Fortnite store for a limited time. They’re rare outfits so be aware that once they’re gone, they may not come back for some time. If you’re only able to get one of these outfits, we would recommend asking yourself one question;

How big of a fan of Christmas and the winter holidays are you?

If you’re a huge fan, have decorations around the house for a long time, you celebrate more than one of the winter holidays, and you just light up thinking about this time of the year, go with the Cozy Knit Jonesy outfit.

Otherwise, if you’re not such a fan or you’re looking for more of a universal outfit that you can use in July just like December, then go with the Snowdancer outfit. It works as well any time of the year as it would in December and January.

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