Watch: Fortnite goes classic Christmas special with Winterfest 2022 trailer

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Fortnite has brought fans a new trailer to hype Winterfest.

Winterfest is here, and fans of Fortnite are now going to look forward to the next 14 days of free gifts. The event is running from Dec. 13 to Jan. 3, and fans can unlock 14 new free gifts over that course of time. You don’t need to be signing on every day to play Fortnite to get all 14 days’ worth of gifts.

You should be able to get all the gifts later in the event. So if you miss three days, when you log in, you should have the ability to unwrap four presents (the three missed days, and the current day).

To hype the yearly event, Fortnite released a new trailer that features one of the new freebies, Sled Ready Guff Outfit, as well as a new purchasable character, Snowdancer. The trailer is presented as an old Christmas, claymation classic like Rudolph the Rednose Reinder, and it adds heaps of charm to the proceedings.

What did the last Winterfest trailers look like?

Winterfest really blew up in 2021, and fans loved it. So it’s no surprise that the Fortnite trailer for 2022 is far more extravagant and high-end compared to past ones. So what did the other two trailers for the event look like?

Winterfest 2020 Trailer

The 2020 trailer wasn’t too much, it just showed a few silent characters waiting to take a photo. It’s really interesting considering to see non-voiced acted trailers considering all we’ve seen from the brand as of late.

Winterfest 2021 Trailer

The second trailer doesn’t so much fall into old Fortnite tropes but new ones, by bringing in Tom Holland and Zendaya to reprise their Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Mary Jane roles respectively. It focuses more on the then-upcoming Spider-Man crossover and has less to do with the actual event, as we saw more with the 2022 trailer.

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