Fortnite needs to make these updates to the new weapons

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Fortnite needs to make these updates to improve the gameplay.

One of the biggest issues with Fortnite from season to season is the often overpowered (or underpowered) new weapons that come into the game. It’s a regular issue and has plagued the game since its inception. Even though Fortnite brought in a new island and such for chapter 4, Season 1, doesn’t mean the game isn’t still dealing with those same issues.

In fact, this may be one of the worst seasons with weapons being extremely overpowered. There’s no way to get away from people unless you have a vehicle or Shockwave Hammer. In past seasons, you wouldn’t need to worry about a lot of this stuff, like being shotgunned from 50 yards away.

That’s a new headache to deal with. Some of these weapons need to be altered. So what needs to be adjusted and how?

What weapons needed to be adjusted

Before we go through the weapons that need adjusting, shout out to the Excaliber Rifle and the Tactical Pistol. The most balanced weapons in the game so far.

The first two weapons that need to be adjusted are the two new shotguns, the Thunder and Maven. They’re powerful enough, but the issue is their range is ungodly for a shotgun. Reducing the range would be a big help and would make the SMGs and rifles more important to the game.

The next weapon that needs to be nerfed is the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. The weapon is just too powerful. It can rip through one’s health with ease. The accuracy alone is a nightmare but it’s so easy to get mowed down without a moment’s notice.

Yet, not every weapon needs to be adjusted, with the Twin Mag SMG having a unique hook that isn’t that unique. The idea is that it has a twin mag, allowing for faster reload times but the reload time isn’t that fast between the mags. In fact, it’s about the same length of time as a full reload. Quickening the change between the mags would be helpful.

Lastly, the Shockwave Hammer.  The damage output is fine but it’s awful to hit a guy with a perfect blow off a cliff, only for them to land just fine. The hammer should not protect people from fall damage.

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