What are Fortnite’s new Hot Spots for Chapter 4, Season 1?

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Fortnite has new Hot Spots in Chapter 4, Season 1, but what are they?

Fortnite has unleashed a lot of content this season, from new outfits to new weapons and even new modes of transportation. Heck, they even rolled out new parkour mechanics. It’s been great fun.

Yet, with new Chapters comes new ideas and the folks at Fortnite have brought in a new idea called Hot Spots. Essentially, Hot Spots are places on the map that have extra loot being carried around by drones.

Or as Fortnite officially describes them;

"Shoot for the SpoilsSpeaking of things in the air, certain points of interest (POIs) at random will be dubbed Hot Spots at the beginning of the match. (Look for the POIs with gold text on your map!) These POIs are filled with flying drones holding high-rarity weapons — shoot down as many drones as you can and revel in your fortune."

These change from match to match, so don’t just assume you’re going to find land in one. The name of the area where you can find them is going to be in big, bold, gold lettering. That’s the clue that you’re landing in a Hot Spot.

Are Hot Spots worth it?

Obviously, everyone’s opinion on Hot Spots is going to be different. The game is going out of its way to really create some new and interesting ways to get weapons but the Hot Spots concept is just not one that I think resonates.

There are a lot of chests and with the new Gino Chests, the overabundance of drones is just not necessary. They’re interesting and unique but if you don’t want to land in a Hot Spot, it’s not like players who do are going to have an advantage.

You’re just as likely to find high-end weapons and such outside of Hot Spots, so just land where you want and go to town.

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