What are the Week 1 Quests for Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1?

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Fortnite has unveiled the new Chapter 4, Season 1, Week 1 Quests

Fortnite has brought fans all sorts of new things for the upcoming season, from weapons to vehicles, to anime crossovers and so much more. That’s the standard for the changeover from Chapters, as Fortnite ended Chapter 3 on Saturday and started Chapter 4 on Sunday.

With the new Chapter comes new ideas and new concepts, as well as new challenges. The quests are usually done as a gimmick to give players new things to do besides just playing Battle Royale, and adding an element of difficulty to the game.

With the new Chapter, the developers try to use the Week 1 Quests as a way to introduce the players to the new gimmicks and concepts brought into the game and that’s no different here. Each of the new Quests listed below will give players 16K XP each.

Week 1 Quests for Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 1;

"Open chests in Hot Spots (0/3)Visit new named locations in a single match (0/6)Earn XP in Creator-Made Experiences (0/50,000)Bounce with the Shockwave Hammer (0/20)Travel Distance on Dirt Bike (0/3,000)"

What challenges will give you the most difficulties?

None of these challenges are going to be especially hard, as they’re designed to introduce fans to the new concepts and mechanics. Yet, the three we think will be the most difficult to complete, mostly due to their repetitive nature of them or the fact that they aren’t exactly easy to do per match are;

"Open chests in Hot SpotsVisit new named locations in a single matchEarn XP in Creator-Made Experiences"

1) Dropping in on the island as it is means you don’t know where you’re going. Doing so means you can’t just drop into a known Hot Spot. This will be something you need to do time and time again until the map is clear.

2) You only have to do this six times, but doing so isn’t always a guarantee as the game will often dictate where you go, meaning you may need to play more matches than intended to write this one off.

3) Not everyone likes playing the Creator-Made content, so this may not be the most fun to do.

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