What vaulted weapons and items from Chapter 3 do we wish were still here

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Fortnite vaulted some weapons from Chapter 3 we wish were still here.

Fortnite has made some decisions with Chapter 4 that have reshaped the gaming experience for the brand and propelled it into new territories. The game has never been this vibrant, well-built, or dynamic. All that is new is being embraced by the fanbase.

That doesn’t mean there are elements of Chapter 3 we don’t want back. Not many, mind you (still not over losing Camp Cuddles), but some. Namely weapons. Fortnite vaulted many of the things from the last chapter to make way for brand-new nonsense for players to use.

And we do love new nonsense. Yet, some of the old nonsense is missed. These are the items we wish were still a part of Fortnite after Chapter 4 started.

What weapons do we wish were still in the game?

Hammer Assault Rifle

The Hammer Assault Rifle wasn’t overly fast or powerful but it was wickedly accurate from mid-range. It was the perfect weapon to strafe with and could put down just about anyone who wanted to throw it down.

Cobra DMR

The Cobra DMR was arguably a better weapon for players who liked a bit more accuracy for a little bit less distance. The original DMR is in the game currently but it’s not as accurate as you’d hope from a very long-range. If that was always going to be the situation at hand, why even bring it back? Just stick with the Cobra.

Suppressed Submachine Gun

The Suppressed Submachine Gun was a great weapon to use when you were trying to avoid being noticed by enemies. A lot of people follow gunfire so that they can get in on the action but the suppressor helped negate that.

Shockwave Grenade

The Shockwave Hammer and Impulse Grenades make the Shockwave Grenades expendable but they were great for a quick mode of escape. You’ll need to get the Shockwave Bow to be able to get out of dodge fast.

Chrome Splash

The Chrome Splash made it so much easier to keep your vehicles in good shape during combat, as it would auto-heal them. It would be great if Fortnite could introduce a new item that can do that.

Explosive Goo Gun

Weapons like the Explosive Goo Gun should never be taken out. Fortnite should do an entire season with these non-conventional weapons.

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