Fortnite fans can still track down former boss character The Herald on the new island

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The Herald can still be found on the Fortnite island.

The Herald was the villain of Chapter 3, Season 4, and was the one that brought the Chrome to the island, which ultimately ended up destroying the island everyone called home over the last few chapters. During the Fracture live event, we saw The Herald wipe away the last remnants of the island’s inhabitants as the Chrome consumed everything.

Including the Herald herself. Shockingly, The Herald was sacrificed to the Chrome as the Fracture event picked up. Ending the reign fo the villain rather abruptly. Many thought we’d fight her to close out the chapter, but instead, her own hubris was her undoing.

That doesn’t mean that she’s gone forever. Oh no. Just east of the Anvil Square is an oddly shaped tree in a bit of a divet. If you look closely enough, you’ll see that it’s the Reality Tree, and that stuck inside the petrified tree is none other than The Herald.

It’s creepy to look at, and it’s entirely possible we haven’t seen the last of this villain.

The Herald’s Death Tree is creeping Fortnite fans out

While we don’t know if Herald will actually be around as a boss ever again, we do know that the tree she is petrified in is horrifying. You can see the look on her face, captured for eternity, as the Chrome consumed her.

It’s a pretty creepy sight to behold, made worse is that if you listen closely, the tree and the villain can be heard making some sort of odd noise. Almost like she’s suffering from within the tree. That type of realization only further enhances just how weird and creepy the tree is.

It’s the Herald’s creepy and weird tomb, and it may be a ticking bomb for all we know.

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