Shockwavey Hammers are even more OP in Fortnite than you realized

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Fortnite has made the Shockwave Hammers even more OP than you realize.

Fortnite had a stroke of genius when they brought in the Shockwave Hammers for Chapter 4, Season 1. The item allows you to inflict damage on opponents with a swing of the weapon, or you can use it to get away from conflict very fast by using the item’s leaping ability.

By using it, you get sent up and toward a specific direction, much like a Shockwave Grenade would do. The only hang-up is that the weapon only allows you to do this four times before requiring a cool-down period of about 20 seconds for each slot to refill.

This makes it a bit of a pain to use. Yet, it doesn’t have to be because, unlike other items that work in congress with copies of themselves, the Shockwave Hammer does not. Sometimes in Fortnite, if you get two of the same items that require a cooldown time, you can’t use multiples. If you use one, the others in your inventory will be down for the same amount of time.

Except, that’s not the case for the Shockwave Hammer.

The Shockwave Hammers are able to be used in succession

If you carry two, three, four, or even five Shockwave hammers, you can use the bounce feature of the Shockwave Hammer one after another, without the other hammers needing to cool down. It’s possible, in theory, that you can use all five in a row, resulting in 20 bounces, and be able to cycle through from the fifth back to the first without having to way a single second for a cooldown. In theory, the first should have regained its four bounces by the time you got through all five.

Making things even more interesting, if you defeat the Ageless Champion, you can get his Mythic Shockwave Hammer, which has five bounces. So if you’re looking to be the biggest pain in the butt during Chapter 4, Season 1, go all Shockwave Hammers and just terrorize the island.

Be aware, however, this will likely be patched eventually. So have fun with it while you can.

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