Removing the Battle Labs mode was a mistake by Fortnite

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Fortnite removed Battle Laps and made it far more complicated to just mess around.

Fortnite removing Battle Labs was always going to be controversial. This was done to bring the game up-to-date with Creative 2.0, which is actually delayed until 2023. You can still do all sorts of creating in the game, it’s just not the new engine.

While new modes are coming, fans are not happy with the removal of the Battle Labs as an outlet. It lets a lot of players explore the game without the fear of dealing with other players.

Players could test out new strategies, and new concepts, or just goof around and not even worry about things that they would normally worry about. It was simple to access and easy to use. Fortnite’s Creative Royale isn’t nearly as easy.

At least not as easy as the Battle Labs.

Simplify the offering for Fortnite fans.

What some fans seem to want is an exact replica of the island as is, but minus other players. People don’t want to mess around with the complicated and time-consuming interface. They just want an island they can practice on, explore and figure out better without the fear of the storm or other players ruining their fun.

More to the point, Fortnite fans seemingly want an island where they can do all the fun quests and boss battles they can muster without dealing with other players. There’s a desire among the community for an off-line version of the game. Something more in line with the Battle Royale gameplay and current Fortnite storyline than what Save the World offers.

It’s great to have such a creative space to show off in but most fans aren’t going to use the new creative options.

Giving fans an off-line island or even just an island they can bolt to with little effort would be such a wonderful thing.

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