The Recon Drone may be the best item once it releases in Fortnite

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Fortnite is getting ready to release the Recon Drone, a game-changing idea.

The Recon Drone is one of Fortnite’s newest ideas and may be one of their best ones. First seen in the trailer for Chapter 4, the concept of the bird-shaped drone is simple. You send it off ahead of you to look for and target opposing players. It’ll be great for solo Battle Royale matches or great for teams.

Likely, it’ll work best with teams but we’ll all see if we can use it adequately on our own.

Fortnite has a history of over-relying on real word weapons and prioritizing that type of content, but its stuff like this that really generates the most excitement. Getting goofy with the weapons or futuristic with the tech is truly what will separate the game from its competitors.

We need more ideas like the Recon Drone, and less involving new rifles.

The Recon Drone will be hindered by portable bushes

You may think the Recon Drone will be overpowered, after all, it’s a giant bird thing that can fly over, mark you, and then you get ambushed by anyone and everyone. It seems like a problem. But Fortnite is putting in a new item eventually that may hinder the drone.

If rumors are true and Fortnite actually goes through with it (because you never know with them), then you’ll be getting the ability to plant your own bush at any time in the game. All you have to do is throw down the bush and you’ll be able to not only hide but regain health if you have the Bush Warrior perk.

Assuming the portable pushes do arrive, then you’ll have a way to beat the drone; unless the drone can tag you in buildings and such….then…wow.

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