Klombo will likely not be back for some time, if ever.

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Fortnite has removed Klombo from Fortnite for good it seems.

Fortnite fans all over are going to be in mourning if the code divers are right. The current claim is that Klombo’s data has been removed from the game permanently, removing the loveable purple dinosaur from the game permanently. Now, he can always be added back in, but that doesn’t seem very likely at the moment, after all, if they wanted him around, he’d be around.

it’s unclear why Klombo was removed from Fortnite but we were given teases that our loveable purple friend was not gone for good. Though, we saw hints throughout Chapter 3 that not only was the creature gone, but he was gone forever.

There was a giant Klombo skull on the old map in Chapter 3 that fans could find, and while Fortnite hinted that the giant wasn’t gone for good, it appears as though he was and his removal from the files may officially mean that the developers didn’t like the cute dinosaur.

Otherwise, why did he last only one season and why did we find his skull afterward?

Kiss Klombo goodbye, Fortnite friends

Maybe you liked riding the big goofy-footed Klombo, maybe you didn’t, but seeing something so huge and so potentially destructive was a lot of fun. Especially when you later found out he was indestructible.

He made the perfect pet to deal with other players who wanted to get froggy. Everyone lept away when they tried to shoot you on Klombo but ended up angering the gentle giant because even though he was so sweet to you if you fed him, he would rip you apart if you tried him.

He was the definition of “mess around and find out”.

We’ll miss you, big dude.

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