3 more iconic 90s computer characters we want besides Doom Guy

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Fortnite brought Doom Guy to the fans but we’re hoping there’s more in the works.

Holy heck, Fortnite bringing in Doom Guy was such a treat for Chapter 4, Season 1. So much so that I actually bought my first Battle Pass just to get him. The iconic main character from the Doom series is among many’s first experiences with first-person shooters.

The original game by modern standards doesn’t hold up that well, it’s a very rudimentary take on the genre, but the game is just so metal that most people don’t care. The remakes from a few years ago and its subsequent sequel breathed new life into the game, even if the sequel’s storyline was whacky.

Yet, we were left wondering about what other classic computer game characters from the 1990s we’d like to see in Fortnite. Here are three of our best ideas.

Three more iconic first-person computer game characters we want in Fortnite

Gordon Freeman

It’s 83 years since Half-Life 2 came out and we’re still waiting on the third installment. Well, maybe not 83 years but it feels like it. The game made its debut with its first installment coming out in 1998, and fans of the Valve game got to meet the main character Gordon Freeman for the first time. While we’ll likely never finish Freeman’s journey, Fortnite could bring him in for fans to at least Dab with.

Duke Nukem

As with Half-Life, Duke Nukem was among the most impressive first-person shooters of the decade, and like with Freeman, we’ll likely never get a sequel to the irreverent action-hero series. Still, it’d be great to see Ol’ Duke in Fortnite. If only to see him and Doom Guy square off finally.

B.J. Blazkowicz

Before there was Doom, there was Wolfenstein, and if your parents were cool with you killing hordes of Hell’s undead, then they were likely totally chill with you mowing down Nazis in a maze taken straight out of Windows 95. Bringing in B.J. Blazkowicz would be a huge deal to fans of a certain age, and while it may not be as huge as Doom Guy, it’d still be pretty big.

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