The Guardian Shield will be a massive upgrade over the Shield Bubble

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The new Shield Guardian will make the Shield Bubble obsolete

The Shield Bubble is an item in Fortnite that created a large bubble that you and any assorted teammates can take cover in while exchanging gun-fire with players. It could also be thrown into the bed of a truck and used as a portable shield. It didn’t last long and opposing players could just run in unobstructed, so it wasn’t great.

It was also awful for Battle Royale, as it made you a noticeable target for players to come after you.

The new Shield Guardian, which is expected to drop sometime this season, will allow you to take the Shield Bubble’s best aspect; blocking bullets, and take it on the move with you. It’s going to allow players the ability to change the shape and size of the shield, as well as be able to use it multiple times without having to pick up more items like the Shield Bubble. It’s possible that it will only have a finite amount of shields, but it’ll likely be reusable after a cooldown period.

The Shield Guardian should be a good counter to the Shockwave Hammer

We don’t entirely know what the Shield Guardian will be able to do or what it will and won’t be able to block but in theory, it should be able to block the Shockwave Hammer’s shockwave attack. This could be a huge advantage to players who refuse to use their hammers. If the new shield does in fact nullify or reduce the impact of the hammer, then players won’t have to spam the hammer meta just to win a match anymore.

Personally, I hope it still launches players, regardless if they have the shield, because knocking a person out of the center is my new favorite way to win a match.

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