Fortnite’s MrBeast Challenge was hugely problematic

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Fortnite’s MrBeast Challenge left a lot of fans angry when it was all over.

MrBeast, one of the world’s biggest content creators on YouTube, partnered up with Fortnite for a new challenge that would give the winner of the game $1 million if they racked up the most points. The games were all similar versions of events you’d see in something like Fall Guys, and players were challenged like never before in their quest for one million dollars.

Yet, in any other version of a Fortnite contest, the top earner isn’t the only one who makes off with some cold hard cash. Instead, it would be the x-amount. Sometimes top three, top five, top 10, and so on. But not this time. Despite MrBeast being known for his generosity, the game and the content creator were anything but.

While the top player got $1 million, the player who placed second got a free umbrella for their player character to use. Same thing with the guys who ranked in the Top 100, and the Top 1000, and the Top 2,000.

In fact, the top 100,000 players of 100,001 got a free umbrella. So if you came in second, you missed out on $1 million and all you got was a stupid umbrella.

Fortnite can’t keep missing with these events

Free money is free money and free cosmetics are free cosmetics, but there should’ve been something for the Top-X amount of players beyond just a silly umbrella that no one will likely care about. Considering how much time and effort these players put into trying to get the victory and their prize, it feels disingenuous to only reward a guy who could’ve won the whole thing, the same prize as the guy who got lucky to be in the top 100,000 of players.

These are the type of events that turn players away from the game. Not bring new ones in.

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