Fortnite releasing Graveheart and Keleritas during Christmas isn’t a big deal

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Some fans have an issue with Graveheart and Keleritas being released during this time of the year.

Some Fortnite fans aren’t happy that the game isn’t fully and solely dedicated to Winterfest and Christmas this year. While it felt that the game did a better job at embracing the season last December, that’s not to say that the game isn’t doing a decent job this year.

The game is festive, we’re getting all sorts of holiday-themed goodies, and there are presents and Christmas trees all over the place in the game. Heck, Santa Claus….er Sgt. Winter, is even in Fortnite throwing presents at people like they’re declining shares of Tesla.

Yet, some fans aren’t happy that the game is set to release two very non-Christmasy outfits. Those would be Graveheart and Keleritas.

Graveheart is a woman who’s made of stone, and looks a lot like the description of Lady Stoneheart from the book series “A Song of Fire and Ice”.

Keleritas on the other hand is a demonic-looking suit of skeleton armor come to life. Neither is very festive but it’s not a big deal.

Fortnite brought similar things to Winterfest in 2021

Some may not know this, as it happened last year and not everyone was playing Fortnite in December of 2021, but during the ’21 Winterfest, the folks at Fortnite gave away a Matrix-themed glider.

It was one of those creepy, and unnerving Sentinentals, but it acted as a glider. All those “legs” just flapping in the breeze was a pretty horrific sight to behold. And it was a gift for fans during Winterfest.

In fact, it may have been one of the better ones as well. While it’s great to have Christmas-themed things during the season, getting outfits, cosmetics, and the like during Winterfest that we can use all year round would be great.

While neither of the mentioned outfits is going to be free, it’s not such a bad thing to have non-holiday-themed items. Not everyone celebrates or wants to collect those specific types of cosmetics.

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