Fortnite has deleted B.R.U.T.Es from all files and we should be sad

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Fans everywhere should be rejoicing, the B.R.U.T.Es have been deleted from Fortnite’s game files.

Someone should start singing “Danny Boy” or that Sarah McLachlan song that plays whenever you see cold dogs on television. The B.R.U.T.Es are gone from Fortnite, seemingly for good, and this will make many fans happy. Not this fan, however. I will miss my giant mechs.

The B.R.U.T.Es, also known as the mechs, were introduced during Season X, and fans were split on the giant mechs. They were super powerful and if you were playing duos, having control of a mech would give you a good advantage.

Even in solo Battle Royale they were intense. Speaking from experience, I was able to mow down a lot of players in these things. Sure, they give you a lot of advantages but it also makes you the biggest target on the map, so it was likely players would team up to try and take you down.

Plus, there was always the possibility that someone would try to hijack the second chair in the mech, making it less fun to use it.

Players were vocal about the mech and many got their way as it was reported by many data miners that the mech has been deleted from the files, meaning it’s not likely to return anytime soon, if ever.

It’s likely we’ve seen the last of the B.R.U.T.E. for some time

Whenever Fortnite and Epic Games remove something from the game files, that usually means it’s gone and it’s unlikely to return. There’s always a chance that the devs bring it back, or at least a version of it, as nothing is ever truly gone in Fortnite.

Yet, for now, those among us who hated the mech no longer have to worry about it hurting you anymore.

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