The Whiplash is back in the game for Season 4 but only with the Rift Encounters

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Fortnite has brought back the Whiplash but with a catch.

Fortnite made an interesting decision to remove the iconic Whiplash from the game following the close of Chapter 3. The fastest car in the game has been removed, and many thought it’d be gone forever after seeing it no longer around the new island. After all, Fortnite has removed so many beloved things this year.

Yet, just like that, and practically overnight, the Whiplash is back, but not in the manner you think. Unlike the taxis, sedans, and trucks you can find around the island, the Whiplash isn’t just hanging around on a street or at a house, waiting to be driven. Instead, you have to be lucky and constantly on the move to find it.

The Whiplash only can be found if it is brought to the island via a Reality Rift, a new mechanic that sees random items and such pop up on the island at random times. You may not have seen the Whiplash yet, but it does pop up. I know, I’ve personally seen one.

Fortnite isn’t really missing the Whiplash

While you have to be lucky to find the Whiplash, the game really isn’t missing it. The addition of the dirtbikes and the Shockwave Hammers have made traversal a lot easier this season. Plus, you have those Reality Augment specials that give you super jumping ability or balloons, thus giving you even more ways to maneuver around the island.

With the fact that the game has made it much more difficult to drive on grass without the big tires, and the fact that so much of the island is now covered in ice, the Whiplash just doesn’t have the same importance anymore as it did in prior seasons.

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