The Rift Gatebeing built in Fortnite isn’t based on Doom or Stargate

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There is a Rift Gate being built in the game but it’s not based on Doom or Stargate.

Eagle eye fans may have spotted a Rift Gate being built somewhere on the island during Chapter 4, Season 1. If you head to the Citadel, you can see the beginning stages of a Rift Gate being built and fans are running wild with theories over what this is and what it means for the game.

Many think that the portal looks like it’s ripped from the Stargate universe. The franchise is famous for visiting various planets and the like with a unique portal, much like the one being built. But if you compare the dimensions and overall designs, you can clearly see that it has nothing to do with Stargate.

Another idea is that the Rift Gate being built may be tied to Doom since there’s already a Doom crossover going on in the game. That isn’t likely either, as Doom’s portal is a gate to hell, and it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to have a Doom portal that went anywhere else.

Though if the Rift Gate took fans back to Chapter 3, Season 3, then they’ll be in hell again.

What could the Rift Gate do in Fortnite?

Assuming this isn’t a troll, or some idea that gets aborted halfway through, in typical Fortnite fashion, then the Rift Gate may have an actual purpose. Right now, it’s very possible it’s just a cosmetic addition, but assuming it’s actually functional, we could be getting something that teleports you across the island.

It could and more than likely will, drop you into a Rift Encounter, allowing you to fall into a new and random place on the island, with a slew of chests and items to pillage before making your way through the game even further.

If that’s the case, then this is an item or idea that could exist beyond the Chapter 4, Season 1 and that means its unlikely to be a crossover of any kind.

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