The Deku Smash in Fortnite was wildly overpowered and we loved it

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Fortnite has brought in the Deku Smash and it’s insanely overpowered.

We didn’t think you could get any more overpowered of a mythic than with Dragon Ball Z’s Kamehameha Blast. It wasn’t the most accurate and you had to be pretty lucky to get a clean shot off at an enemy but even if it only kinda hit the player, you were looking at massive damage dealt. A straight-on blast would eliminate most players.

It was strong but man, it wasn’t anywhere compared to the Deku Smash. The Deku Smash does not have the range of the Kamehameha Blast. The range was significant compared to the Deku Smash, but the Kamehameha Blast only did 100 damage on impact and then 40 damage continually after that.

So you could do damage but if you weren’t guaranteed an elimination. The Deku Smash? Due to it being so much closer, the Deku Smash is a one-hit instant elimination move. Sure, you’re going to eat some damage if they see you coming and open fire on you, but if you catch them by surprise, you’re going to get an easy elimination.

Unfortunately, the mythic has now been shuttered for the foreseeable future.

The only defense in Fortnite from the Deku Smash is…

Assuming the move gets added back to Fortnite, the only defense you have from the Deku Smash is obvious; run. You have a chance to eliminate the player with the Deku Smash but be warned, the smash will sometimes still go off after the player throwing it is eliminated. If you’re both throwing one at the same time, it’s likely you’ll both be eliminated.

The best bet for you to do is if you see someone charging up for the Deku Smash, get your Shockwave Hammer, hope you have at least three bounces in it, and fly. Otherwise, you’re going to get caught in the blast and obliterated into nothingness.

If you don’t have a Shockwave Hammer, well…the next game match is only a few minutes away.

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