Chapter 4 has made it impossible to do past Weekly Quests

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Chapter 4 is making it impossible to do Weekly Quests once they’re done.

One of the best parts of Fortnite, beyond the fun of Battle Royale or the upcoming creative mode, is being able to do the Weekly Quests. They’re never all that hard and they give players extra XP to help them get various rewards throughout the season. Namely with the Battle Pass.

In past seasons, you’d get seven, eight or however many weeks of action before a new season, and during that season you’d have the entire time to finish the quests. So you could work on Week 1 quests in Week 4 if you wanted.

It was a pretty easy thing to do. You just did the quests at your pace and you didn’t worry about not being able to finish them in a given timespan, as you had until the season was over to get them all done.

That has now changed, however, and now Fortnite players can’t do past quests once a new season’s worth has been unveiled.

Fortnite fans are upset over this change

A lot of fans are not happy that you can’t carry over quests from week to week and for good reason. This was seen as an unnecessary change that really didn’t make the game better by any means and fans are upset with the move.

It forces players to change how they played the game and that may be the reason for the change. Fortnite may want fans to concentrate on finishing the quests sooner so that the devs can cycle in and out new content at a quicker pace. 

It could be a memory issue with the game, everything’s been upgraded and it may not be feasible to keep so many active quests going at once.

Or maybe some genius who had a dumb idea finally got some power and forced it through despite knowing it would ruffle some feathers. Who knows why it happened, fans are just not happy that it did happen.

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