The new balloon Party Time Reality Augment can be obnoxious and difficult

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Fortnite fans who get the Party Time Reality Augment will cause some players issues.

Not all Reality Augments are the same. When Sorting through the game’s Reality Augments, during the storm cycles, you may run into one or two that seem like good options but will end up being a problem long-term if you aren’t using them correctly.

For instance, if you like using the Shockwave Hammer, but have activated the Soaring Spirits Reality Augment, then you’re going to have far more air time than you intended, allowing people to get away from you quite easily.

Yet, the most challenging item, which quite honestly looks like the most useful, is the Party Time Reality Augment which allows your player to generate balloons throughout the match. This seems like a great thing, get balloons, float above the competition and survive until the end.

Yet, the balloons auto-generate on their own. Making basic traversal of a battlefield all the more difficult. If you’re attempting to jump from a ledge the balloons may activate and carry you over to your intended destination. Now, you can disengage the balloons as they arrive, but then you’re stuck waiting for them to spawn when you may need them.

What suggestions exist for fixing the Party Time Reality Augment?

Having balloons spawn on their own can be more than a complicated situation to deal with, especially as you try to run, jump and hide from opposing gunfire. Being able to get rid of them is a quick solution but then you’re left waiting for them to return.

So clearly the fix to this is to allow the player to activate the balloons on their own, allowing them to control when the balloons emerge, instead of at random.

Otherwise, the balloons can become a problem that could cost you the match.

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