Mr. Beast wants you to win $1 million by playing Fortnite

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Fortnite fans can start practicing for the MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge.

Fortnite is launching the MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge for fans to play. It’s a $1 million challenge that launches on December 17, 2022. It’ll only be for three hours, however, and in that time you have to post the highest possible score. The winner of the event will earn the million-dollar prize.

You can practice now in the game by going to the Discover page and putting in the island code 7990-6907-8565. You can play as much as you want in that three-hour span, but the player with the highest score will win the grand prize. The 100,000 other top positioners will win a Beast Brelal Umbrella as a consolation prize.

The Extreme Survival Challenges caps off a week of MrBest fun, as the YouTube creator has launched his new outfits for fans to purchase. That includes the MrBeast and MrBeast6000 Outfits currently in the item shop.

Fortnite is asking that you have two-factor authentication enabled and verified on your Epic account for your Score to be counted. You must also be an account level of 15 or higher.

Essentially the game is much like Fall Guys, where you’ll get different events you have to participate in, and players who earn the most points win. You can get eliminated, however, if you take too much damage.

More Mr. Beast action in Fortnite

Besides the game mode and the outfits, Fortnite fans can also try and complete challenges now in the game to earn an MrBeast Gaming Spray and a MrBeast Survival Games Loading Screen. To achieve these quests, you’ll have to reach a certain score in the Extreme Survival Challenge, which sounds easier than it is.

Fans should practice as much as they can, and try to earn the free cosmetics as it won’t be very easy to just jump in the day of and try to do all this cold turkey.

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