The Fortnite X My Hero Academia crossover will be here this week

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Fortnite and My Hero Academia are crossing over this week.

Have no fear, the My Hero Academia, and Fortnite crossover is here! The anime brand and video game empire will in fact be collaborating far sooner than anticipated when it was announced that the crossover event would begin this week on Dec. 16. We still don’t know what all and who all will be included in the event, but if the Dragon Ball crossover was any indication, we have an idea.

The game will likely feature four characters that fans can purchase. That number was the norm for the last three major anime collabs; the two Naruto crossovers, as well as the Dragon Ball crossover event.

Both events had minor cosmetic changes across the island, but Dragon Ball brought in a mythic weapon that was unparalleled, the Kamehameha Blast, which was a truly powerful weapon. It appears as though the My Hero Academia crossover will have something similar, as we saw Deku doing his “Smash” attack in the trailer for Chapter 4.

Making it appear as though we’ll get some variation of that in the game.

Who else is joining the My Hero Academia crossover?

Beyond Deku, the only other name we can all but confirm is All Might. he’s the brand name guy from the show, and his likeness was already seen on a pickaxe in the Chapter 4 trailer. He seems likely, as he and Deku share the same super move, just like Goku and Vegeta did in the Dragon Ball collab, so it stands to reason that the two heroes will both be appearing in the game.

Beyond that, we have speculation and some supposed leaks but Fortnite hasn’t confirmed anyone beyond Deku and hasn’t alluded to anyone else besides All Might. And it stands a chance that All Might isn’t in the first crossover event, just a pickaxe of him is.

And yes, we’re fully expecting there to be a second crossover event, assuming this one does well.

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