Fortnite has revealed the new Mr. Beast outfits and we have thoughts

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Mr. Beast is coming to Fortnite and we’re intrigued by what they did with his outfits.

Collabs are huge for Fortnite these days and arguably no crossover is going to be as big, at least when it comes to internet personalities, as YouTuber Mr. Beast. The Youtuber is one of the biggest content creators in the world and is someone who is smashing records across the platform. He’s one of the biggest celebrities going right now, so it makes total sense that Fortnite would want to partner with Mr. Beast.

The gaming brand has revealed two very unique and very interesting outfits for fans to use. The first is a standard outfit, the MrBeast attire, which sees a black hoody, tan slacks, what looks to be some type of waist, and a hat variant. The hat looks to be some sort of sunhat or safari hat.

This version of the outfit will also come with the Smasher Pickaxe and the Beas Backdrop Wrap.

All in all, it’s a pretty lackluster design that probably won’t appeal to non-Mr. Beast fans.

Mr. Beast’s alternate Fortnite style is the way to go

Mr. Beast will have a second attire, the MrBeast6000 Outfit, and this one is more impressive. It’s a cel-shaded anime style, that features Mr. Beast in a hoody, with more athletic pants, and a chest pack. This one also has a mask variant, where the mask is a blue and purple design that really feels like a predator cat. Maybe a cheetah.

This design comes with the Prize Package Back Bling, which is reactive and fills with cash throughout the match as you eliminate more people.

Its pickaxe is the Best Claws, which aren’t too dissimilar in look from Fortnitemares Howler Claws, and finally, it comes with a glider dubbed the Wrapped and Revved Glider.

This is a much better outfit for fans and non-fans of Mr. Beast alike.

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