3 things we’re glad Fortnite gave us with the Winterfest update

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Fortnite has brought back Winterfest for 2022 and here’s what we’re excited about.

Fortnite has brought back Winterfest for the third straight year and with it comes the new annual tradition of free gifts for players. Over the last few seasons, the folks at Fortnite have given out seasonal gifts and items for fans to use. This includes, two new costumes, new emotes, new wraps and so much more but that isn’t all. Over the course of 14 days, you can unlock all of the gifts one at a time.

That said, all of the items given will be themed in some way. Most will have a Christmas or winter holiday theme, and that does kind of date the items you get. But if you’re on a budget, it’s better than nothing. So while you may not want to use these items during say, Halloween or the first week of summer, if it’s all you have to choose from, it’s not a bad option.

There does exist a possibility, however, of non-holiday-themed goodies. Last year, fans were treated to a Matrix-themed glider. So there exists the hope that fans can get something like that this year as well.

Three things we’re glad are back in Fortnite’s Winterfest

Free cosmetics for fans

Getting the free outfits alone makes this a wonderful time of the year. This year fans can get Arctic Adeline Outfit and Sled Ready Guff Outfit in their packages. While Adeline is very Christmas theme, Guff is more in line with last year’s Frozen Peely outfit, sure it’s winter-themed but it can largely work whenever and wherever.

Giant presents

If you’re in the middle of a Battle Royale bout, you may find a present in your chest. Throw that sucker down for some very impressive loot.

Unvaulted classics

Finally, exploding Snowball Launchers are back in the game as well. These work like grenade launchers but instead of grenades, it’s snowballs.

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