The opening to Fortnite’s “Fracture” event has been revealed

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Spoilers for any fans who don’t want to know how Fortnite’s Fracture begins

Fortnite will be unveiling the Fracture event on Saturday, Nov 3. The concept is still pretty unknown but many people believe that the game will recreate the island with several aspects from past versions. Others believe that the island as we know it will be fractured completely and it will look more like the island has in Chapter 3, just with gaps separating chunks of the map.

This may or may not contain large portions being covered in chrome.

Well, regardless of what happens to the map, we now know how the event will start thanks to a leak from YouTuber notkrae.  Below is a video of how the animation will go for the event once you “ready up”.

Fortnite fans can complete the chapter-ending event with up to three other players, so if you have friends, invite them to experience the game together.

Fracture could be the best live event ever

Considering that Fracture will end the chapter, it makes sense that the live event will be among the best the franchise has ever done. Especially with Chapter 3 being a mixed bad for fans. The game has stumbled a lot over the last few months, especially in the summer. No Sweat Summer was a bust.

While I enjoyed the Halloween event, many players felt the 2022 Frghtmares event was lacking as well, and considering this was just my second go around with the event (I started playing at the end of October 2021), I really don’t have much to go off of as far as past events.

The game has really tested a lot of players’ patience recently and this live event is an opportunity to set things right. If not, who knows how Chapter 4 goes?

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