Outfit a Bear pickup truck with these tips in Fortnite and become a battle royale tank

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Outfit a Bear pickup truck in Fortnite and become a rolling tank in Battle Royale.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale is one of the best and most fun games you can possibly get into. It’s maddening as heck, and it’s uber-competitive, so while it’s a fun ride, we all want to win. If you’re a newer player, or maybe you’re someone who isn’t really developed your own style of play yet, you may be looking for tips and tricks to help you perform.

One tip I can recommend personally is outfitting your bear pickup truck. This may only work as effectively for the next few days, considering one of the elements is the chrome goo, but you can easily replace that with the blow torch in season four, assuming they don’t get rid of it.

Here’s what you’re going to need; a Bear pickup truck, a cowcatcher, the silver chrome container, and several containers of gas. If you’re looking to get your climb on, and want to be more agile but have a bit less control, get the off-road tires as well. I’d recommend them, as they help keep your truck in play even if the game moves to a more mountainous region.

How to outfit your truck in Fortnite

Firstly, get your truck. The best place to get one is by Zero Point, there’s one outfitted with off-road tires next to the two mobile homes. If you head down to the dock, you can get a gas can and maybe a cowcatcher depending on what spans there. The gas can is always there. Once you get the gas can, you don’t have to worry about keeping it. Just throw it into the bed of the truck. It’s one of the few items you can actually throw in there and not worry about it going through the truck. Just be mindful that you can lose the gas cans if someone shoots them or gets you with the goo gun.

Next, either go east toward the fishing shacks by the Herald’s Sanctum, or head to Chrome Crossroads. Either way, you’re looking for a cowcatcher if you haven’t found one yet, a chrome capsule, and at least two more gas cans. I’ve never gone through three gas cans in a match before, but that’s because I usually fill up at the pumps at a gas station at least once.

So you should be fine with three.

Before you get into it with any other players, make sure to chrome your truck. The chrome will heal your truck after you take damage and you don’t have to worry about carrying around a repair torch.

Once you get your items and you’ve outfitted your truck to your specs, go hunting. If you hit a player fast enough, the player will go flying and will usually get automatically eliminated. This is a great idea if you’re fighting on a mountain. Player fall damage is 300, and you’ll get one-hit one-kills if you hit the player far enough off the edge. Just be mindful, most times you’re not going to get 300 damage, because the player won’t go too far.

If you use regular tires, you’ll have better control coming down a hill, but you’ll be less likely to go straight up the edge of a mountain. Unlike with the bigger tires, which allow you to climb much better, but you sacrifice control coming down, so you’ll likely bounce over players if you’re coming down the mountain looking to hit someone.

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